MIZVA - The Act of Kindness

you do your mizva to others - they will get it forward 

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Meaning of Mizva (Mitzvah)


Word Mizva is also written as Mitzvah. In its biblical sense this word is used in Judaism to  refer to the 613 commandments given in the Torah and the seven rabbinic commandments combining them for a total of 620 (Wikipedia).

In modern times the meaning of Mizva (Mitzvah) is related to the act of human kindness whereby a person who performs this act is conducting it truly selfless, only for the sake of other or others.

It become customary to coinside education in terms of Mizva (i.e. performing the act of kindness) with the time when a girl turns 12 and a boy turns 13 in accordance with Jewish tradition and 16 or 17 for other religions.


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